to the Fifth Annual SCS Senior Race Series!

The SCS Senior Race Series 2019


  • The SRS is a dual meet tournament, tiered by team size, held on 3 Sundays in the pre-season and aimed at early season racing in an energized team environment.

  • Dual meet competitions are held over 3 Sundays in September and October. A Championship final brings the series to an end on November 16, 17.

  • Each dual meet is a short 2 hour competition that allows for uninterrupted training during the pre-season.

  • All SCS member clubs who have swimmers with SCS Senior Development times are invited to participate.




Thank you for joining the SCS Senior Race Series.  Please click on the "More Info" button on the left.  There you will be directed to more information about what to expect before and during the Senior Race Series.

Find out which teams have registered for the Senior Race Series.  Teams are classified by team size according to the number of swimmer with an SCS Senior Time.  Click on the "Who's In?" button here.

Find out how swimmers rank after each dual meet competition.  This is a great coaches tool prior to the draft leading up to the Championship meet.

Southern California Swimming

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